Watch! Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's Flirty Eclipse Commentary

Cuteness alert!

MTV posted a clip from the Eclipse DVD (out this Sautrday) of the infamous tent scene, now including Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's commentary. OK, Robsten lovers brace yourselves! Because their banter is adorable as they giggle their way through it.

But how, exactly, is that possible? See, at the beginning of the commentary Kristen announces she is in Montreal while Rob says he is in L.A.:

Must have been a conference call type arrangement? Because if you watch the clip, there is no way they weren't doing it together ('tho, physically apart). Start the canoodle-conspiracy theories ASAP!

The commentary opens with R.Pattz loudly drinking something in the background.

"Slurp your coffee a little bit more, that's what the fans want," Kristen says.

"It's not coffee. It's an Arnold Palmer," Pattinson says in an American type accent, throwing K.Stew into a giggle fest.

"You're drinking an Arnold Palmer?" Stewart teases. "Having a little lemonade and iced tea?"

No wonder these two had to do their commentary apart! Nothing would get done.

They try to be a tad more serious, with Pattinson throwing a few Jacob jabs, Kristen a few laughs.

"God, he's so gross, so brazen. I really don't like Jacob," R.P. adorable accent and all dishes.

And it's so obvious K.Stew is Team Edward too calling Jacob "young and overzealous."

"Look at him cradling!" Kristen points out later to Robert. "His little head nooked in there."

"You look like you're milking him," quips R.Pattz as both him and Kristen burst out laughing

Perhaps this little sesh is what made Rob miss his lady.

As we all know, Pattinson eventually went up to Montreal to visit Kristen on set of On the Road (who can forget when they were finally snapped kissing!).

So are you loving the commentary? Or is it not the same if they weren't together? Makes us heart them more!

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